Edru app brings the traditional Turkish craft into the 21st Century. Smart, colorful and packed with creative possibilities, Edru is a digital simulator which recreates the Ebru marbling paint techniques for Apple and Android devices.


The Unibox is more than a subscription box. We are on a mission to empower & inspire students all over the UK to create balance in their lives, offering some much-needed wellbeing, a dose of ‘home love’; and exciting pick-me-ups.

Every month, the products change and are often sourced from UK start-ups and independent companies, including luxurious treats (a reminder to slow down and indulge), practical essentials to help with the stress of coursework, exams and time-management and nourishing, full-sized products that love the environment as much as you’ll love them. We also include the TUB Zine, a mini magazine with tips, interviews with graduates, recipes from students and, if that wasn’t enough, we also have exclusive monthly perks, bonuses and competitions for our subscribers.


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